Dead Silence

By: Victor Viruel

Carlson soils his pants after falling in a pile of manure. While changing his clothes he notices a small leather satchel on George's bed. He immediately throws it open and finds $100 in bills and coins inside. He looks up just in time to see Candy standing in the doorway with his ancient dog. Carlson quickly puts the satchel behind him, he then turns to look at Candy. "What you got there boy?" Carlson stands in silence, nervous thinking on what to say. He could feel sweat running the side of his face.

"What?" he replies nervously. "I said what you got there! why so silent is there ants in your pants?" Candy starts to approach him. Every step closer Carlson's heart started to beat faster and faster. Finally Carlson said "Shove off you old rag! can't you see I'm trying to change, two  bites if you want to say and wath."  As Carlson continued to change he throws the satchel onto his bed, Candy then notices and says "Nice poke you got there". "Thanks, now let me be" Carlson said nervously. once Carlson finishes changing he then walks over to his bed and falls asleep.

Candy stays awake wondering why Carlson was acting so strange. He walks over to Carlson's bed and starts rummaging through his things look for the satchel. Once he found it he then takes a look inside and notices that there is a wad of cash inside. In an instant Candy grabs Carlson's bed sheet and warps it around his head, "Hey what are you doing!!!! stop!!" the room was dark. All you cold hear was Carlson's slow beating heart fading in the distance... silence took over the room. Candy then takes the money that was in the satchel, places the satchel back where it was and fixes Carlson's bed as if he was still sleeping, he then slips right back into bed without make a single noise falling asleep as if nothing happened.

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