Career Research Project

JJ DePauw, Nuclear Engineer

Tackk 3

-Communication Skills

-Knowledge needed for engineering in general and then the materials for nuclear engineering directly

-Listening and following through

Tackk 4

Nuclear engineering

Tackk 6

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

My mom said this to me since I have been a small child. I have been told this saying since I can remember. My mom just wanted to instill this motto into me for the sake of getting a job and in life in general. This phrase is important to me because it means that if stuff is difficult, the tough people tackle it head on and get it done. The hospital has sent me four letters of appreciation and one was from the lady that is 2nd in charge of the entire hospital. This motto has helped me with my job and so much more. It has helped me to deserve the appreciation that my bosses have shown. I will continue to use this motto in my future jobs and so on.

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