Comparing Heros

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Comparing bringing hope to Sandy survivors to Surviving Hurricane Sandy  and De'Monte Love

There are three heros who helped during a period of devastation. They all helped people that were in need from a hurricane but did it in different ways. One hero,Ariel,helped get things back that they lost during the hurricane. Like she gave a kid his Legos and another kid a Xbox by creating an Facebook account. Another hero,Matt, helped save a grandmother and her two dogs by going threw frigid waters  and holding her above his head to bring her and carrying her to higher grounds. And he went back again to get her two dogs to safety also. And the last hero, De'monte Love took care of his brother and four other toddlers to safety after Hurricane Katrina. Their all the same because they helped people after a  hurricane. They were all kids. But one of them was a female and the others were males.

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