financial literacy
       by: Brooklyn brigham

I chose to be a Firefighter because you have a chance to save lives each day.  A firefighter also  has a salary of $42,259.

yearly and monthly income

My yearly income is $35,920.15. To get my yearly income I have to multiply my salary by 15% and then subtracted it from my salary. To get my monthly income I take my yearly income and I divide it by 12, which is $2,993.34.

house and car

I chose a 670sqft apartment 2 bedroom, 1 bath that has a cost of $733\ mo. I chose this because the smaller the house the less time it takes to keep up. I also bought a motorcycle because it is more economical and cool.


BULK                                    REGULAR

gum-$14.69                      eggs-$8.95               

pizza-$35.62                     bacon- $17.00

Gatorade-$21.59               sausage-$6.91

fruit-$37.99                         oil-$2.98

chips-$6.35                        mac &cheese-$21.13

popcorn-9.39                     tortillas-$25.47

cheese-$25.39                  sour cream-$11.97

water-$10.18                     cookies-$3.69

meat-$54.99                     ice cream -$12.59

pretzels-$5.79                   cereal-$3.82

                                        popcorn chicken-$36.85

                                        popcorn shrimp-$27.18




                                      ramen noodles-$13.39





                                     body wash-$23.00


budget spreadsheeT

CATEGORY        AMOUNT BUDGETED          MONTHLY  BUDGET   BAL.                                                                      

EXPENCES                                                        (MONTHLY INCOME $2993.34)

SAVINGS (10%)                 $299.33                         $2694.01

HOUSINGS                        $733.00                          $1961.01

UTILITIES                           $120.00                          $1841.01

CAR PAYMENT                  $172.00                         $1669.01

CAR INSURANCE               $65.00                          $1604.01

GAS                                     $70.00                          $1534.01

GROCERIES                       $522.92                        $1011.09

CLOTHING                           $100.00                       $911.09

ENTERTAINMENT               $100.00                       $811.09

PETS                                    $60.00                         $751.09

HEALTH INSURANCE         $50.00                         $701.09

OTHER: FUN MONEY         $500.00                       $201.09

OTHER:PHONE                   $121.09                       $80.00

OTHER:RESTAURANT        $80.00                          $0.00


I decided to only save the minimum amount of 10%  since my salary is not too large.

I took my monthly salary of $2993.34 X .10% which is $299.33 I will be saving each month. After saving for 6 months I will have saved $1795.98( 299.33 X6) and after 12 months of saving I will have $3591.96 . (299.33 X12)


In reflecting on this project there were several steps I needed to do in order to have a balanced budget.  I needed to know how much my annual salary was and what my monthly salary was.  I also needed to know what my monthly expenses were going to be each month.   To me this project is important because it helped me realize how important it is to have a budget and it is not an easy thing to do.  It also made me realize managing a budget takes a lot of time and responsibility.   

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