My name is Tommy Jones, I am 33 years old. My brother, Timmy Jones, is a soldier in the Union Navy. I live on a farm in Indiana. It is the year of 1861. I live with my the rest of my family while my brother is in the war. He is stationed in Ohio.

Day 1: March 9th: Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, take a shower, and eat breakfast. Then I work on the farm with my family. When I come home I eat lunch. In the afternoon, I walk my dog. Then I do more work on the farm until supper which is at 6:00 pm. After supper, I read and go to bed. Today I sent my brother some clothes and food from the farm.

Day 2: March 10th: Dear Timmy, I heard about the battle of Hampton Roads, and I thought you might have been evolved in it. I hope your okay and doing well. The New York Times described the battle as "looking like a submerged house, with only the roof above water.

Sincerely, your brother, Tommy

Day 3: March 11th: I woke up this mourning and brushed my teeth. Then I ate breakfast and took a shower. In the afternoon I wrote to Timmy again. Then I went to the barn and milked the cows. I sent food from the farm. I also sent a canteen for Timmy to carry his water in. Then I worked on the farm until supper. After supper I went to bed worrying about my brother wondering if I would ever get to sleep.

Day 4: March 12th: I got a shocking letter today. My brother was badly wounded in the battle, and is in very critical condition. He probably isn't going to make it. My family and I are very upset, and we are just praying every day that my brother is going to be alright. There were 393 casualties, and 261 of them were of the Union.  

Day 5: April 14: When I read the newspaper today I was shocked. Lincoln was assassinated. This civil war is terrible. My brother is dying, and now the great Abraham Lincoln has been shot.

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