" God of the Seas "


Poseidon ( roman name: Neptune ) was one of the 12 olympian deities and the second son of Cronus and Rhea. His main domain is the ocean, that's why he was called the "God of the Sea". Even if he is known as "God of the Sea" he controls all water, fresh or salt. He was also referred to as earth shaker, since he causes earthquakes, and tamer of horses, because he created the first horse. He also sired pegasus, which was foaled by medusa.

Poseidon was seen as creating new islands and calming seas. When offended he strikes the ground with his trident, and causes earthquakes, drownings, and shipwrecks. He is mostly worshiped by sailors, who prays to him for a safe voyage, sometimes drowning horses for a sacrifice.

Poseidon was married to Amphitrite, and was the father of the hero, Theseus. He was also the father of the cyclope, Polyphemus, who was blinded by the hero, Odysseus, so he not only delayed the heros return home, but also gave him many problems along the way. Poseidon also became ancestor to some of the most fearsome monsters in Greek mythology, including Cerberus, the Hydra, the Nemean Lion, and the Sphinx.


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