Jefferson Davis and the confederate states of America

by kristan

*born June 3rd 1808 in Kentucky by was raised in Mississippi

* He thought African Americans didn't matter and that the bible supported slavery

Sarah was Jefferson first wife they got married june 1835 then she died 3 months after they got married

Varina Howell is Jefferson second wife they got married on Feburary 26 1845

*He was a Veteran of the Mexican war

*U.S sentor from Mississippi

*He was President of the confederate states of America during the civil war

* Jefferson Davis got elected president of the confederate states of America on November 6, 1861

*he was elected to serve for a six year term

He died December 6,1889 new Orleans LA Jefferson Davis was the only secretary of war that was given the honor and respect of the US gover

Varina Davis Samuel Emory Davis Margaret Davis Joseph Davis Jefferson Davis Jr William davis

Mississippi, florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkanasa, Tennessee, and south carolina

The Confederate Flage

South Carolina was the first state to seceded on December 20, 1860

Tennessee was the last state to join the union on June 8 1861

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