Characteristics of Free Enterprise

By: Shirley Cooper

Economic Freedom

The freedom to buy, sell, and purchase what you want, as well as to work where you want.

The photo above shows a woman who has chose to work at a  fruit stand and also what to sell. While another woman is choosing to spend her money purchasing the fruit that she wants.

Voluntary Exchange

The choice buyers an sellers have to engage freely and willingly in market transactions.

This photo show two men voluntarily exchanging farm labor for repair labor. Voluntary exchange can involve money but doesn't necessarily have to.

Private Property

Gives people the right to own and control their possessions as they wish to.

We own our home therefore, we have the right to remodel the front room.

Profit Motive

An incentive that encourages people and organizations to improve their material well-being.

People are free to play the lottery and if they win then they make money and if they loose, they loose the money they spent on the lottery ticket.


The struggle among sellers to attract consumers.

Different brands and companies compete to make their product better than another companies product to try to sell more of there product.

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3 years ago

I agreed with all of the pictures, but the private property one looked at a smaller spectrum. I like it! 👍

3 years ago

You had really good examples for each subject. I liked the picture of the private property