My 3D Printed Designs

There are a lot here because I had a lot of time while the printers were in

This is my very first project. No, wait...this is my second one but my first one was an for a lesson, so it doesn't count. .3. I made it because it's getting a little cold outside so I was like "Hey...why don't I make a snowman with these sphere things that I need to use?" And so I did. It was originally going to be a container and the hat would've been the lid, but hollowing it out didn't go as I planned and it's just a snowman now. In the future, I might try to make another version that is a container, though.

This, as you may or may not be able to tell, is a bunny. I made it because I put some shapes together and thought it looked like a bunny. The only problem I had was trying to get the half-sphere and cylinder to line up correctly. If I were to try and fix it a little more, I would probably add some hands, feet, and a mouth.

This is a unitato, a cross between a unicorn and a potato. I don't know why I made it,'s just cute...and a little scary when you look at it for too long. .3. Anyway, when I made it, there were no problems that I'd encountered with it. I really like how only half of his body is on the block instead of the entire thing. In the future, I might add a hole so that it could be a hanging decoration.