creating a caring classroom

Kiana Barrera

                                                                   positive relationship

  • Having a positive attitude is going to affect the students on how they act and how they feel
  • Learn their names as fast as you can
  • Make the students write someones name and a positive and one negative comment
  • Call parents when the student does something right and when they do something bad


  • Disrespect shouldn't be tolerated between the students
  • Don't talk down to your students give respect so they respect you
  • Ask them what way makes them learn easier

class identity

  • communicate with the students so they feel as a group
  • class routine,traditions, and whole-class experience  
  • having a warm-up every day
  • have a great attitude while doing something

student involvment

  • Ask for the students opinion and ideas about the classroom
  • Students are more likely to make a bond with the teachers when they can express their feelings
  • Make them work in groups in they like it and even though they don't make them work together every once in a while

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