Varicella Simplex


-Caused by the varicella zoster virus

-Symptoms are fever, decreased appetite, a cough, sore throat, and a rash, blisters, scabs

-Diagnosed by a mild fever followed with a rash of small red spots.

-Treatment is an antiviral medication called Acyclovir, which can be prescribed by your doctor

-Long term effects can be scarring, bacterial skin infection, or can lead to pneumonia

    -If you have contracted chickenpox, you are at risk of shingles at an older age

-Prevented with the chickenpox vaccine, which is very safe and effective

-First diagnosed in the mid 1500`s in Italy, by Giovanni Filippo

-nearly 4 million people contract chickenpox annually, about 12,000 are hospitalized, and 125 die

-More than 6 million doses of the chickenpox vaccine have been given since it was licensed in 1995

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