3 Comments from Home Owners  Realtors Might Want to Address

Photo by Roswitha

I am just a home stager and by no means a realtor.  I have moved many times, probably more than the average person as one of my passions is building houses and selling them.  I have been a vendor as well as a purchaser many times so I have a bit of an understanding as to how stress levels increase while going through the process of buying or selling.

I have to say that since I have begun staging homes, my perspective is different.  I am sometimes put in between the home owner and the realtor.  It could be that the home is a mess and the agent prefers to have a third party to encourage the home owner to declutter and work with me to improve the look of their home.

Sometimes I might spend three or more hours with the owners and they become quite relaxed and start talking to me.  My goal however is to stress the wonderful attributes of the realtor and encourage the home owner throughout the home selling process.  

Here are some of the comments from clients I have heard over the years which might help realtors increase the bond of trust with the clients they work with. 

1.   My agent does not tell me what is happening.

This is a big frustration I have heard over and over again.  I remember myself feeling that 'nothing was happening' as I was trying to sell my house.  When a home owner mentions that to me, I always say, "Did you call them?" ( referring to their realtor). 

Most of the time, home owners are hoping for feedback from their latest open house or scheduled visit.  The more desperate I think a home owner is to sell, the more they feel their realtor is working for them when he/she is in contact with them continuously.  Even if there is nothing to report the communication can make a world of difference on how they view you.  Rather than reporting nothing, communicate that there is nothing to report.

2.  My agent posted terrible pictures of my house.

Clients have commented to me about the pictures their past agents took of their property.  I remember seeing a listing where the basement bedroom had a pair of blue jeans hanging from the clothes line.  That was the room's focal point. 

Another client who was switching to a new agent showed me her listed home's pictures.  It was a residence with a senior's wing attached to the home.  One picture had the resident in bed!  Other online Centris pictures have bathroom pictures with their realtor reflected in the mirror.  

Toilet seats are up, pictures are grainy and they are crocked as if someone was taking pictures while flying an aircraft throughout the house.  Make an effort to properly represent your client's property online.  That is where the majority of potential purchasers are looking!

3.  My agent lied to me.

Keep your word.  I only hear their side and of course there are two sides to a story.  If you said you would do open houses 3 times a month then do it even if you have to get a replacement.  One client I directly worked for paid for his own ads in the paper because his agent said they would do it, and never did.  Not everyone realizes they should get these sorts of things in writing.  It says a lot about yourself if you keep your promises whether it is in writing or not.