Football History

By:Dayne deGroot

An american football's look and design

Rugby has been around for a long time,older than the football we know today! In fact, football was based off of rugby and was created by a man by the name of Walter Camp.He took rugby and changed its rules and features like the line of scrimmage(where the football is hiked) and changed up rugby's scoring to make touchdowns(6 points to the team who scores it)

A football (right) compared to a rugby ball (left)

Football and rugby are related BUT that doesn't mean they have the same rules!So to prove my point, I will point out a few of the major rules in each sport and their counterrule in the other sport.Rule #1:in football, you can sub in for players who are kicked but in rugby the team plays with a decreased amount of players! Rule#2:All football players are required to have padded pants, a helmet, and shoulderpads. But in rugby, they only need a mouthpeice and shinguards):(but both sports need cleats):+3)

The sciencey stuff

catching a aerodynamic football throw(This was totally me

Almost everybody I know has at least an idea of what football is, but not many people know the actual stuff behind the ball flying. Surprisingly, the NFL ball is less aerodynamic than an NCAA(college football) ball because it has more velocity due to turbulent boundaries(the liquid layer in an object that air flows around) so if you want the ball to "fly fast", than you need the NCAA ball.

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