Tower Of London

By: Alyssa, Bayleigh, Chad, Emily, and Evan

Tower Of London, poppy flowers for all the soldiers that have passed away.

The White Tower


The Bloody Tower

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William the Conquer- Started the building process of the Towers

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Two ravens at the Tower of London

Famous Prisoners

BBC History

Anne Boleyn


Sir. Thomas Moore

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Elizabeth I


Sir. Walter Rayleigh

Crown Jewels

The Imperial State Crown


The Sovereign's Scepter with cross

Historical Royal Palaces

The Coronation Spoon

Ceremony of the Keys

Ceremony of the Keys

Chief Yeoman Warder with The Keys

The Moat

The moat drained

The moat bleeding red for WWI 100 year commemoration

The Tower Today

The tower in 2006

Overhead view

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