Reflection on Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology


This book clearly addresses technology in society as well as in the classroom. The book starts with examples of technology use in people's everyday lives and jobs and ends with what kids are learning from technology. The authors try to present a very unbiased standpoint of technology by including one chapter dedicated to technology enthusiasts and one to technology skeptics. The whole book is really centered around the idea that technology has cultivated an Information or Knowledge Era due to people being able to become independent learners.


The book addresses all forms of leadership starting with the learner and going all the way to policy makers. Anyone who reads this book and upholds a leadership position in the technology field or in education will be challenged. The book actually has a call to leadership prompting someone to consider creating and providing an educational system that meets the demands of what learners are facing today in the way of opportunity.


This book has a huge call for change since it addresses the problem some have with change in education. The book focuses on the change in educational eras over the years. The book shows that these changes were needed and even though there were downfalls in them, they still met the need for learning and the demand for education. Due to technology increase, educators have to be willing to change their method of teaching, technology specialists have to be willing to reach out to the education world, and students have to be engaged and actively involved in the learning process as an independent learner outside of the classroom.

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