The Fab Four for Reading Comprehension

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What is the Fab Four?

The Fab Four is a collection of reading strategies that can help you better understand what you read.

When you use them as a group, they can help you better understand the material, make your reading easier to remember, make reading take less time, improve test scores in reading and content areas like social studies, science, and math.

How does it work?

For average and struggling readers, the Fab Four encourages you to use strategies that come naturally to stronger readers.

For strong readers, the Fab Four helps you to create connections between materials and your own experiences to make the reading easier to remember.

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Fab Four Q&A:

When do I do my predictions?  You should always begin with predictions.  Use titles, subtitles, diagrams, pictures, and highlighted or bold words to help you.  Predictions can also be made as you read to help you think about what to expect next.

What is the difference between clarifying and questioning?  Clarifying is for figuring out what things mean, like words or phrases that you don't know.  Questioning is for analyzing what is happening, like what the characters are doing or what you think about their actions.

What kinds of questions should I ask?  There are two types of questions.  1) Literal questions are items that can be directly answered in the text.  2)  Inferential questions require a little more work.  They ask you to think about what you read and make a decision.  Click the button to see an example text.

Communication is the Key

The most helpful feature of the Fab Four is communication.  We may communicate as a whole class, in small groups, or even sometimes with ourselves.  As we explain things to the class, to a partner, or to ourselves, we help the material to "stick" better and help us to remember what we read.

Why should I do the Fab Four?

As you can see, the group that experimented with the Fab Four increased their scores by almost twice that of the comparison group in comprehension and vocabulary, two of the most common skills on standardized tests and two skills that are critical to today's modern workforce.

Outcomes for You

In plain English, the Fab Four means better grades on assignments and tests.

Better grades means better report cards.

Better report cards means happier parents and teachers.

Happier parents and teachers means a happier you!