Agents Of Socialization

Family, School, Peers, Mass-Media!

Friends have come to affect how I socialize in a multitude of ways. This encompasses the slang i might use, and even particular word choice at times. They've affected my sense of humor, which has become more jokingly rude. Hanging out with friends has also helped me learn social norms, and what's usually done at gatherings. I've also adopted certain phrases my friends might say into my own conversation. i.e "howdy" - hello. Above all they've helped me build a sense of "self", identity.

Reminiscent of our antics, to a higher degree.


School has both directly and indirectly taught me how to socialize. I remember learning proper phone etiquette in kindergarten. How to approach a door, knock, and politely ask to be let in. Aside from these social antics that seem like givens now-a-days, i learned from trial and error, and observation how to interact with others. What humor might be a little over the top and radical, what's normal to say to someone you're passing in the hall. i.e "what's up?" *continues walking* I never got that...

School introduced me to one of the most efficient, social forms of collaboration and learning I've seen yet, the Socratic seminar.


My family has taught me multiple socialization norms, mainly ones that deal with manners like the whole please and thank you stuff. Also antics like holding the door for others, respecting your elders, saying excuse me when burping, and so on. They've also taught me social behavioral norms, like not to resort to violence, scream in stores, stare at others, yadda yadda... Dad particularly has helped with my open mindedness and rationale, being a man that prefers to talk things through.

My dad's full of the constructive criticism, although not as belligerent and a little more constructive than Red's.

Mass Media!!!

I've never really indulged myself in mass media aside from music, although that doesn't mean I've been living underneath a rock. Although it's effects on my socialization aren't substantial, it's created a small sense of unity with my peers, and helped me determine what subject matter might be too fresh to joke about. It's also helped bring awareness to social issues in our society, although i could live without the bias.

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