Pygmy Slow Loris

by: Kiya N. & Maria U.

The pygmy slow loris is a mammal with big eyes. An adorable little creator that is venomous . It lives in the evergreen tropical rain forest in different parts of Asia . It eats fruits, insects, small fauna, tree sap and floral nectar. The pygmy slow loris has many predators such as; humans, snakes, hawks, eagles, orangutans .  It's endangered because humans are hunting them and keeping them as pets . When predators try to eat it the pygmy slow loris just uses its venom but it really doesn't do any thing. Just because of this there are only a few left and the level of endangerment is vulnerable. So the pygmy slow loris is spread out over 3 countries of Asia.  

As you can the pygmy slow Loris is very fun playful. This is kind of the reason why they are endangered. They are so cute that people want to keep them as pets. But this is illegal because this species is endangered and they are trying to keep them alive.