Everything is a Remix series

By: Mickey Dolan

Throughout the series, I've learned many things that I never knew about. I thought all of the videos were pretty interesting but the first and the last videos were the best in my opinion. The first on was about copyright in music and the last one was about how copyright has affected the society. From all of the videos, I definitely have gotten a lot more knowledge about copyright than I had before.

I thought for the first video was interesting for many reasons. Listening to music is something I do daily which is why I found the video interesting. Also, it had Le Zeppelin in it which I always listen to. I found this video important now I know that artists should be really careful when it comes to making new music.

The last video was definitely the most interesting video in the series. I also learned a lot more about copyright than I did in the other videos. I  found this video important because I found out about many theories including the social evolution theory, the theory of loss aversion, and a few other ones.

Overall, I think Kirby Ferguson did a great job on making this series and did a great job on explaining the impact of copying on society.  

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