Weathering and Erosion

By : Rachel Bowermaster

Weathering means- The breaking down of rocks like a hammer.

Erosion means - It slides the rocks like a broom or also sweeps the rocks also it is the process of moving rocks.

7 agents of weathering
Physical weathering
1. rain
2. water
3. ice
4. wind
Biological weathering
1. animals
2. plants
Chemical weathering
Acid rain
5 Erosion agents
1. wind
2. water
3. ice
4. Gravity
5. Human
Did you know that Hurricane Katrina
damaged a lot of homes and made people homeless they also lost homes and furniture. Some people get prepared and or other people go to other places before the hurricane, when the hurricane hits the waves get really high and the the trees wave around, and it flooded which some of the people didn't survive. People that lived over were the hurricane was the people had to go to shelters, after the houses and the stores and etc were rebuilt people started heading back to their home and lived a normal life.

This is an example of erosion what could've caused it is water, wind, gravity, also they let humans walk on this piece and it eventually wares out. It can only hole d a certain amount of people a day. 

This is an example of erosion when the road makes a big hole and sometimes it can get bad enough cars can get swallowed  and some people can die. 


This is an experiment for weathering you can do

what you need

1. Water

2. Plastic cup

3. Freezer or something you can freeze something with

4. Sharpie, pen, or a marker

First you put water in  the plastic cup and you fill it about half full, then you mark were you filled it, After that you put it in the freezer or something you can freeze with also you can put it outside, Finally in four days you look at it and you see that the cup has cracked.

What you need

1. 2 penny's

2. Water

3. Vinegar

4. cool place for it to rest

5. 2 Cups

First you put 1 penny in the water and 1 penny in the vinegar and put the water in a cool place. Then you wait for 4 days then you will see that the penny might have a little hole the one you put in the vinegar the on  you put in the water will just ware out. Finally you can keep it and there will be an even bigger hole.

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