Position VS. Time Graph

Jenna Tucker, Hannah Urban, Allie McMillan, and Reneshia Williams

Picture of our Car

*Newton's First law- (An object at rest/in motion stays at rest/in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force) before we pushed it to make it move (an unbalanced force) it stayed at rest.

*Newton's Second law- (acceleration goes with unbalanced force) If we barely pushed the car it wouldn't have much force. to make it accelerate, we would have to push it with harder so it would have more force.

*Newton's Third law- (action reaction) the action would be pushing the car. The reaction would be it moving.

The first time was messed up. it started spinning. Then we used rulers to make a track to keep it going straight.


So Reneshia has an oven mit. His name is Ako. Ako is still and does not move until Reneshia (the unbalanced force) picks him up and moves him around. Sadly, Ako has been severely burned. Reneshia dropped him in the oven. The oven was the unbalanced force that stopped him.

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