Catawba Tribe

By Alexander, and Eduardo

Our tribe is the Catawba Tribe. The Catawba tribe was a very rich tribe (in the indian times). It was a very large place that had a lot of land. Most indians didn't have to go to a place to go hunting like we do now. The reason they had a lot of land was because the indians who lived there they wanted a lot of room for them to go hunting on their land.  
The Catawba Tribe was a very picky tribe. They started in South Carolina and then they moved to the Piedmont Region then they moved to Virginia.

    The Catawba Tribe had many Different foods. First in South America they had pork. It was mostly from a cow or it was meat from a pig. They also had Turkey. It was really weird because they did not fry it or do what we do to it and they actually put a stick through it and cook it over a fire for about an hour, and them take the brain and other stuff out of it and then stuff it. In North Carolina the Catawba Tribe ate deer and fish. With  the deer they took the deers antlers off, then hung it over a fire. They would let the deer hang over a fire for an hour. They had fish tied on ropes and hung over a fire. The Catawba Tribe had all of the food they had in South Carolina and North Carolina in Virginia. They also had a meat pie for dessert, witch had meat and sugar canes in it.   

    The clothing in the Catawba Tribe was very different then it is now. The men wore a fine clothing that was sewed by a sewer in the Catawba Tribe. People who had to sew the clothing had a very rough job. They took about a 6'' by 6'' square and sewed it together to other 6'' by 6'' and it went on and on for about 25 squares and that made a man's shirt and pants. The women wore a big skirt with a long top. With the skirt it took 4 big rectangles and sewed them together and put some little patches and pockets in it. The top was made by 6 medium squares that was made in a non electric factory. The squares were sewed into a top and it was worn by a girl.

   The Catawba indians had to have some entertainment so for entertainment they had powwows most nights and had a gathering around a fire about every night. They sung indian songs and had indian food. The indians had games also. Some of the games they had were like dice games or board games. Some of the indians when they got to board they played games like tag and hide and seek. Unfortunatly most parents got tired of that they said you are just gonna have to be board.

   The Catawba Council was really complicated. With the Catawba Council You have to work a 18 hour shift unless you are sick. The council had to go around and make sure there was nothing going on. If the council found someone saying or doing something something bad to the Tribe you can either be arrested or killed. The council had a meeting once a year and it was very long. Dearing that time people would either celebrate or cry. They would celebrate if there family got another family they don't like in trouble or their family did not get in trouble that year. The family would cry or have a meeting with their family if someone in their family got in trouble.

    The housing. In the Catawba tribe the houses did not look a lot like the houses we live in today.A normal house in the Catawba tribe was a house that was made by big bark from trees and wood. The houses were really hot in the summer because the wood and bark would not be sealed and it would let hot air in. In the fall and summer it is a little warm because in the fall and winter the indians of the Catawba tribe would take wet dirt but not like mud and put it all over the walls and corners. In the spring the indians would put hay and grass over the top of the house to make shade.

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