What Is Poetry

By: Imani Brunson

What I Feel About Poetry

When a person is asked "What is Poetry", we all come up with different ideas because all of use write and think about poetry differently. One person can be different poet than the next. For example, when I write poetry I write what and how I feel. Poetry isn't just writing, to me, it's like dancing. The way your fingers dance across the paper.

What Others Feel About Poetry

Kamaya Spearman: " Poetry is a way of life. Poetry helps me with every situation that I have ever been through. There aren't any words to describe what poetry means to me. Just Know if it wasn't for poetry I wouldn't be here today."

Lady Robinson: " Poetry is a form of art and self expression. For me it's a form of comfort for whenever I have strong feelings about anything. Poetry is always there for me as a way to relieve my mind and express myself."

Tia Mercer: "Poetry is self expression and a way to live. It's a life style that helps people find who they are. To me, poetry is what connects us between the real world and the literature world..."

Angee Kraemer: "Poetry is a form of self expression. I've been particularly because it can be interpreted in so many ways ( and everyone has particular opinions on  particular genres). As a writer, poetry, with any form of writing, is a safe way to let out words I might not want to say, "spoken words can't be erased." As a teacher, I find the word play to be what constitutes "good" poetry, as opposed to rhyme scheme."

Diana Piette: "Poetry is giving physical manifestation  to emotion. A good poem makes you feel

One Big Thought On Poetry

Written By: Imani Brunson

A Masquerade

By: Imani Brunson

Everyday is a masquerade just hiding true identity,

But others cant see what we get through

Were defined by two particular words you're the crack upon the pavement

Or a fresh new done piece or art its not described well

Please believe my feeling bleed like toxics in my past life

Emotions have taken over, I'm sober it's like

This is not who I am best believe were not the galaxy

Were library books waiting to be discovered been replaced by the internet

Hey who needs us, we do, we need ourselves cuz no one else seems to know us

Inside you frown, Outside you smile, Inside your brown it's like how

Slip on your mask, it's a masquerade, no mask, you're known as a difference

You aren't library books, just look, you are the internet,

Begin your journey world wide, with pride, just show your glory

Even a mask couldn't tell your story.

Thank You and a special thanks to the peers and staff that participated.

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