Usui Reiki Course
Level I, II, Advanced, and Master

The Art of Reiki!

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. It can be used for relaxation, energy balancing,
rejuvenation and more.

Taught by Misty Skeen, Reiki Master Teacher registered with RMA

Dates: Level I: Monday June 16th 6:00pm-9:00pm

            Level II: Mondays July 7th and 21st 6-9pm

           Advanced: Mondays Aug. 4th and 18th 6-9pm

            Master Level: Sept. 8th and 22nd 6-9pm

Total in class hours: 21

Total home study hours: 7

Cost: Level I $100

          Level II, Advanced, and Master level $125 each individual level.

Price Includes 2 Reiki workbooks

Special!! Sign up and purchase all 4 levels in advance to receive $50 off!! Total for all levels paid in full is $425

You can take just level I or II, or all the levels! Each level has a new attunement which raises your energy vibrations and helps you connect more to the frequency of life. Level I attunement is a pre-req for all other levels.

Location: Om2ohm

Program Description:

Level I: Learn the art and the essence of Reiki! Practice hand positions for Self balancing, body energy scanning, Reiki for stress, clearing the energy field, receive the level I symbol, and experience Reiki chakra meditations.

Level II: Dive deeper into the art of Reiki. You will receive 2 more symbols, learn how to send Reiki at a distance. Experience tools to help clear aura and cut negative energy away! Learn how to send Reiki with your eyes and look into the human energy field and past lives. New meditations and group practice sessions!

Advanced Level: Receive 1 more power symbol. How to use reiki to set intentions with crystals and powers grids. Guided meditation to met your Reiki guides and moving meditation and more group practice sessions!! Please bring 7 quartz crystals and 1 amethyst.  

Master Level: Receive 2 more symbols to use and learn the microcosmic orbit meditation. Learn how to do psychic surgery (Aura Clearing) and how to attune others in Reiki! Group practice sessions and Reiki Master Certificates!