Radio was a staple in the 1930s. People could put down the newspapers and listen to the radio for their news. The radio informed people about jobs throughout the great depression trying to get people back into the work force. We can assume that this tool affect the unemployment rate because with radios being in homes around the world job offers were heard nation wide.

The television was one of the greatest inventions ever created. The tv was great for this time because it did multiple things for the country. It gave people access to what was going on around the country through the use of the news. The tv brought the creation of the well known tv dinner. It also brought popular sitcoms to life. Examples of the sitcoms would be I Love Lucy. Tv was created in the 1930s, but really took its stand in the 1950s.

The atomic bomb was a turning point in Americas history. It was the start of the nuclear age.