marketing and the competitive environment

Effective marketing

key terms:


is a business promoting and  selling a product to the customers.

Niche market

is a small segment of a large market where the product is targeted for specific customers.


  • limited demand may suit a small firm that lacks the resources to produce on a larger scale
  • a firm can adapt its product to meet the specific needs of the niche market
  • it can be easier for firms to target just one type of customers.


  • the small scale of the market limits the chance of higher profit.
  • small firms in a niche

Mass marketing

is an unsegmented market in which the product appeals to a large market.

Business to Consumer marketing (B2C)

Is  aimed at large groups of individuals using mass media and retailers.

Business to business marketing (B2B)

is a business providing products and service to other businesses.

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