Brief Introduction About ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 certification is the main guarantee to maintain maximum compatibility with ISO 9001(Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). It has received considerable attention from many countries. In particular, the Singapore government has actively responded to the requirements of the international organization for standardization and has the formulation of the ISO 50001 certification Singapore. Actually, it will provide the following assistance: the energy efficiency of the management approach to the framework, better use of existing energy consumption assets, transparent management and exchange of energy resources, the best practices of energy management and good energy management practices and to determine the implementation of new energy efficiency technologies and their priorities, etc.

Global authoritative certification body is the British Standards Institute (British Standards Institution, referred to as: BSI) announced that will introduce the first internationally recognized energy management standard ISO 50001 services. The standard can help the organization to improve profitability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the world and further to achieve energy-saving emission reduction. ISO 50001 will help companies of all sizes to understand every working procedure of the baseline energy usage. What is more, the standard has been developed to reduce the implementation action plan for energy consumption in order to achieve goals and indicators of energy performance as well as identify, prioritize and recording a variety of energy performance improvement opportunities so as to realize savings.

Numerous counties have the consulting and certification of energy management system and it is to help enterprises through the certification audit to achieve certification requirements for the main purpose of a kind of intelligent service activities. In addition to the knowledge, forecast, creative, service and other characteristics of the general technical consultation, the ISO 50001 certification and consulting have the following characteristics:

1.Constraint. ISO 50001 consulting is to enable enterprises to successfully pass through the certification. Although it is a voluntary application, but once the application, the enterprise must strictly follow the relevant state laws, regulations and regulations on energy conservation management.

2.Normative. It is based on national certification implementation rules and related international guidelines and norms. Norms and standards provide certification of the whole process to ensure that the energy management system certification impartiality, scientific and normative.

ISO 50001 is a new global standard of critical significance. At present, enterprises around the world are attempting to address rising energy costs. While facing more stringent to deal with, climate change and the government law, the standard will bring huge business value for these enterprises.

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