Rube Goldberg Machines
Entry 1

1.) I chose to make a Rube Goldberg machine

2.) I chose to make a Rube Goldberg machine because I like to create new things and I like to watch how the machine ends up working and looking.

3.) I want to learn how to make a more difficult track and how to make sure that every time I use the machine it will work.

4.) No, I dont not want to do this as a career even though I like making them but it would not be a good career choice.

What I did Today.....
Entry 2

Today we watched videos on other Rube Goldberg machines to get more ideas on our machine. We also wrote down things that would be useful for our machine.

What I did Today....
Entry 3

Today we looked up mare videos of Rube Goldberg machines but this time we got ideas from the things that they used and we also made an official list of things that we are able to bring in for our machine.

What I did Today....
Entry 4

What I did today was find out the objective or, the thing we want our machine to accomplish. Our objective is to pop a balloon with a needle. We think that if it comes down on a zip-line at the end that it will pop the balloon, but we have not yet gotten there.

What I did Today.....
Entry 5

What I did today was draw out the machine for our project. We also figured out that we didn't need some of the materials on our list so we made a new list, and will be starting on our machine tomorrow.

What I Did Today....
Entry 6

What we did today was take out some rolling stages in our machine to make it more of an exciting machine. We also made backup plans to any stages that we had doubts on. And we still have to tweak our first couple stages, because they are not working correctly.

Building the Machine....
Entry 7

Today is the first day of building our Rube Goldberg machine. The energy we are using in our machine is motion. We also changed a few things in our machine today, and also have to change our rolling stage a little bit, because it was rolling off track a lot.

What I did today....
Entry 8

Today we tested our first stage of the machine because we have not yet built our second stage. The first stage is working, but because we had to combine the first and second stage because it was not working we will have to make a new stage in front of the first stage that we have now.

What I Did Today....
Entry 9

Our project also uses different types of energy in our machine. We decided that the step we are doing before the two combined steps is a zip-line. We will have some sort of ball tied to a string on a zip-line that will hit a golf ball. The golf ball will then roll down the hot wheel track and hit a marble that will go down a narrower track that only a marble can fit down. That was also one of our problems. At first we could not get the golf ball to stop rolling. Because our boundaries on the narrow track are Jenga blocks, the golf ball would roll down and topple over the boundary and stop the marble from rolling. We fixed this problem by putting a block on top of the boundary that would not let the golf ball to continue to roll.

Technical Things
Entry 10

Today we switched out our first stage so that the rolling stage will be our first stage and we will make one after that but before the zip line. We did that because if we had a zip line as the first stage it would be very hard to hit it hard enough to let the golf ball to roll down. So after our first rolling stage the really big marble will hit a block of wood to knock it over that would be connected to a piece of string. The string would trigger something that would then make something fall into a dixie cup, go down a zip line with a needle tied to it and pop a balloon.

Entry 11

Today we practiced our machine and it was running good. What we have done so far is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stages. We still have to use our hands to help the machine go, but will try to fix that tomorrow because we did not have enough time today. We could not yet test a new stage because we did not yet have the supplies.

Entry 12

Today we tweaked our 1st ,2nd, and 3rd stages so that it always runs smoothly without any problems. Our first stage marble was not staying on the track so we then took the ball off of the track so that it would not fall off anymore. For our second stage, the marble behind the lock was not staying, because it was too heavy. To solve that we put the track over on the other side of the blocks so that marble would be on a flat surface and not push the block.

Entry 13

Today we figured out that our zip-line was not working so we tried to figure out a way that it would work but we couldn't figure out a way of it to move when a ball fell in. We did find out a solution, but did not have enough time to build it. The solution was that we have a ball in the cup already so that when the second ball goes in, it will have more weight in it to weigh it down.

You aren't done! Where do you go from here? Entry 14   

From here we should probably going to fix our zip-line, and if it does not work we will change it. Also we will change our rolling stag to something else a little more exciting. We are almost done with our machine, we just need to make some slight changes, and make it more advanced. We want our machine to run perfectly every single time and it has not worked yet, only because we need to improve our 3rd and 4th stage before we do anything else. Some of the modifications that we want to make is our rolling stage, our zip-line, and making our zip line go.

Where We Are Going From Here
Entry 15

Today we switched our second rolling stage to something else. We didn't get it to work today, but we were very close to making it work. When we tried to get the ball to roll into the cup it wouldn't go into the cup because of the string in it blocking the marble from falling in.

Entry 16

Today we figured out a different stage so that the ball would roll in the cup easier. But this stage would not work either, again because of the string. Today we blew up the balloon but only two of the balloons would blow up, so we needed to use them wisely!

Entry 17

Today we decided that we needed to figure out a way that the ball would not hit the string so we could finish our project, and fast! We decided to tape another cup on the side of the cup that was hooked on to the zip line string. That way there was no string blocking the marble from falling in. That worked, now we just needed a stage that would have the ball roll in. We decided to do a see-saw stage. So that when the weight of the one side fell off the marble would roll into the cup.

Entry 18

I liked that we were so close to getting our machine to work. I think one of the reasons we didn't is that, we did not have enough time to build. What our machine is, is a ball rolls down a tilted track to start and it hit a Jenga block that is tied to another Jenga block. (which was the weight on the see-saw) When the ball hit block it would fall off the table and take the other side with it. Then the marble would into the cup on the string or the zip line, and it would then go down the zip line with a needle tied to it and pop the balloon. The reason it didn't work is because the ball that would roll into the cup on the zip line was very heavy. So that meant that the other side of the see-saw had to be just as heavy. That meant we had to attach more Jenga blocks, but when we tried that the other side of the string when the ball hit the Jenga block wasn't heavy enough to pull the side with more Jenga blocks. That meant add Jenga blocks to both sides. The problem with that was, the first rolling ball wasnt heavy enough to push it off the table.

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I love how used science vocabulary like, "energy" and that you are thinking about what you need to change! Great job!

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Hi, Juliana! You have great ideas and your posts are really well-written.