The College Experience

By Victoria Tintori

The University of New York:

-In and out of state tuitions are $42,472  

-NYU is the largest reasearch community in America but also has a close-knit community that combines with a small to medium sized college added with an intellectual atmosphere.

-Total undergraduate students: 22,165

-Freshman enrollment: 5,207

-SAT Reading, Math, and Writing range from 660-676.

Social life:

-NYU from one student stated that NYU is not too big and that "It's very possible to know a lot of people and be very involved"

-NYU offers multiple oppurtunities for small classes, that's it's the ideal school to study abroad.

- Percentage of undergraduate students who live in college-owned housing: 47%


-There's Greek Fraternities, Greek sororities, and also local sororities.

Texas State University:

-Registered Student Organizations: 371

-Student Faculty Ratio: 20:1

-In state tuition: $6,829 and Out of state tuition: $17,449

-Acceptance Rate: 70%

-Total students: 31,005

Social /Academic Life:

- Sara Balkanli who is currently getting her Master of Arts in Communication Studies stated how challenging are the classes saying "Definitely! It's a LOT more work than high school. Lots of reading and homework and papers to write. However the classes are more interesting since you get to pick what you are interested in so you really get more out of your experience and learn more through your classes."

-There's a friendly atmosphere over at Texas State who are willing to help or just have a conversation with you. It's a very welcoming college.

-Seperate housing


-Rivefest and a Talent show

-Many organizations that people can join

University of Austin:

-In-state tuition: $9,790/Out-of-state tuition: $33,824

-Total of 39,979 students

-SAT math, reading, and writing scores range from 610-640

-Out of the 38,161 people that apply, 15,335 get accepted.

-Huge selections of organizations

Social/Academic life:

-One of interviewee's who goes to UT said that "UT has a vibrant social life on and off campus. Once you find a group of friends that share your interests, there is always something to do. UT is quite honestly known to be a "party school" so it is important to prioritize and always be responsible. 24. UT Austin in ranked among the top 20 public schools in the nation and among the top 50 among all universities in the nation."

-Many student activities you could join like a theater, marching band, student-run newspaper, etc.

-There are only coed and girls only dorms available on campus


- Many of the UT traditions are centered around football

-"Hex Rally"

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