Ecology scrapbook

Ecology =study of life of organism & Animals and the environment.--------------------------

Parrots live in Sub tropical climate

parrot eat nuts,seeds.

Kapok life span 95 years old

whale live= ocean

whale eat= fish ,plankton, squid,crustaceanscu

individual- single population of an animal distinct

population-one or more animal come together as a specified animal

commensalism= a relationship bewteen two organism

mutualism=relationship bewteen two species in which both effected.

parasitism=parsite effect harm.

protists=describe bacteria, its a kingdom & microorganism

plant= cell wall,grows & chloroplast

Animal =organism,

fungi = mushroom,microorganism.

producer = producer and consumer

consumer = consumer and re-products

Biotic= dog is a living thing

Abiotic= is the water its dead

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