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Caption: cuttlefish

Cephalopod History

Cephalopods have dated back to the Cambrian period around 550 million years ago. Most cephalopods have evolved from 3 different styles of anatomy, the Coleoidea, Ammonoidea, and Nautiloidea. Nautiluses were evolving at 505-408 million years ago, being the simplest of the three groups.

Cephalopods For Your Aquarium

Most Cephalopods are very ill- suited for aquarium life, but a few species of cephalopods can live in aquariums with certain requirements. NOTE: Cephalopods are not easy to take care of.

Sepia officinalus:

Maximum size: 1', 4"  Minimum tank size: 70 gallons  Compatibility: Aggressive, NOT Reef Safe  Diet: Frozen mysis shrimp, pieces of mussel and fish, and when introducing, live ghost shrimp will most likely initiate feeding.

Common Octopus:

Maximum size: 6"+ Minimum tank size: 70 gallons  Compatibility: Aggressive, NOT reef safe.  Diet: Shrimp and Mussel meat, may eat live crayfish, when feeding live foods, make sure to enhance with krill, sprulina, and plankton.

Cephalopod Anatomy

Caption: Sketch of octopus anatomy

Cephalopods to Beware of

Most cephalopods are completely harmless to humans, but as for everything, there are always exceptions. I will list species below that are dangerous to humans. All octopuses, cuttlefish, and some squid have venom, but only use it for their prey and would not be lethal or fatal to humans.

Blue Ringed Octopus- one of the most commonly known octopuses is the blue-ringed octopus. A bite from one of these octopuses could leave an adult human dead in minutes. Blue-ringed octopuses' natural habitat is in Australia's south coast. Their average size is inches or centimeters. 5 to 10 species of Blue Ringed octopus have been recorded Want to learn more about octopuses? Click the link below to watch a video and read more about blue Ringed octopus.

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