Teachers, the top coders of each homeroom will be called down to the front office for their tags in the morning. If they come late they can come pick their tag up in the front office. All students who participated in the Hour of code will have free dress this week Wednesday. You can let your students know. A list has also been placed in all homeroom teachers boxes already. Teachers all students who have a number next to their name participated . Please keep in mind that there was a glitch after the first day of the Hour of Code and the tracking was turned off so if you have students that say they did participate please allow them free dress as well. Thanks in advance for your help. I am still finalizing the details on the pizza party for the top coders and will get back to you on a date and time.

Top Coders of each homeroom

Ron Clark completing the #doitlikemechallenge with his students
He is a wonderful speaker and educator. I highly recommend you hear him speak if you get an opportunity.

Mini Twitter Challenge

In an attempt to continue sharing the great things, lessons ideas, and learning experiences that happen here at Stehlik. I am starting a twitter challenge. At least once a month tweet something you learned or taught on campus, during a training, during class, etc. Tag @stehlikstallion (optional)

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