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copyright laws

  • copyright is when you take something like a photo song or video and put it in your work and present it as your  own. people shouldn't copyright because a: its not giving fair use or credit to the creator of that song video or picture that you found on the internet b: its against the law and you can get an a million dollar fie and that won't be good.
  • even if you use fair use and you take it without the creators permission that's still  considered copyright and its still bad.
  • if you ask permission and don't put in fair use thats still bad ,but if you ask permission and put in credit to the creator your not violating the law.
  • writing a paper is also copyright if you take something from a website and put it in your paper for school.
  • you now know the rules and are ready to get started on your project

thank you for understanding that copyright is bad, and pledging never to do it in order of the law. the world loves you and thank you again.

thank you

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