Learning More AboutDown Syndrome
By: Kylie Harmon


In the article Study plans for Down Syndrome talks about how they get experts to researched why down syndrome is happening to kids and adults. (MI1) Kids with down syndrome have a better chance of getting other conditions. (SD1) It could give them problems with learning or autism. (MI2) Kids with down syndrome are different than regular kids because they are slower at identifying sounds and shapes. (SD2) Learning to talk can be harder for kids that have down syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome



In the article What is Down Syndrome it talks about how down syndrome happens.(MI1) Down syndrome is one of the most common condition. (SD1) There is more than 6,000 kids that get down syndrome every year. (MI2) History has seen the characteristics of down syndrome. (SD2) There is more than 21 characteristics in down syndrome. (MI3) Down syndrome can be caused by something called nondisjunction. (SD3) Nondisjunction is not good for your body.

My Opinion:

I think that down syndrome matters because a lot of people have it. You learn to accept people and kids with down syndrome by getting to know them. You shouldn’t think of them as the kid with down syndrome. You know them as the kid that has down syndrome. In the article What is Down Syndrome it told me that more than 6,000 people get down syndrome every year. Also down syndrome can be caused by nondisjunction. Nondisjunction is caused by an error in the cell division. These are just a couple reasons why I think down syndrome is a problem, and I want you to also. If you want to read more about this syndrome than you should read the articles at the top.

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