RED KAYAK Final Project

By Estel, Jorja, Rubina, and Annie.

1. Book Cover:


Priscilla Cummings grew up on a dairy farm in western Massachusetts. Priscilla Cummings used to go down to Rhode Island every year for an annual family reunion. Her favourite book growing up was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. She started writing stories about her farm animals and often liked illustrating the stories and turning them into little books. When she was ten, she started writing her first chapter book. In high school, she joined the school newspaper. She worked for 4 different newspapers in 4 different states over the next 10 years. In 1981, she moved to Maryland where she became a magazine editor and a writer for 3 years. She married another writer named John Frece. Priscilla Cummings now lives in Annapolis, Maryland and has 2 kids named Hannah and William. Most of the stories were inspired by things in real life that moved her emotionally.


3. The story takes place in Chesapeake Bay near the Corsica River in Maryland. This is where Brady and his dad go crabbing and where Brady saved Ben.



4. Brady: Brady is a nice boy and very responsible who lives with his parents, and Brady worked for Mrs. DiAngelo. He had a little sister named Amanda, a big cousin named Carl, a cousin named Kevin, and one smaller cousin named Emily. He has a dog named Tilly. He is sensitive and gets worried easily. He loves to crab. He is an eighth grader and 13 years old. He is really nice and he started to collect legos when he was small. He is the narrator of the novel and the main character. And he lives in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

Character Changes:

-Brady felt different around his friends J.T and Digger because both of his friends ignored him.

-He felt different with and close to his friends and family for not telling the truth. He was handling grief in the novel.

Digger: He was Brady’s friend and J.T’s friend ever since their childhood. Digger is an eighth grader. He lives with his abusive dad and the rest of his family. He is strong and tough but also has a soft side. He cares for his friends and he protects his friends from bullies. He cares about his friends and family and always tries to be there for his brother and sisters. He lives in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. He was acting very different and he felt guilty for ignoring Brady. He is also one of the main characters in the novel.

Character Changes:

-He ignored Brady.

-He kept telling Brady to not tell the truth.


J.T: Brady’s friend, he is easygoing, shy and has a good heart, loves technology, he is honest, hardworking, and can be easily intimidated. J.T is an eighth grader and 13 years old. He lives in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. He goes with whatever people say to him and he gets bullied by this boy at his school, Curtis. He has peer pressure and he gets involved in bad things easily. His real name is Jeremy Tyler. He and his family has a chicken farm and he is responsible too.

Character Changes:

-J.T was going through peer pressure which made him act differently.

-He also ignored Brady.




6. Character vs Character:

-When Digger was mad at Mr. DiAngelo for not letting Digger smoke on his front yard, Digger wanted revenge to get back at him.

- When Brady was yelling at Digger “ What if it was Hank or LeeAnn!”, they were really angry at each other.

- When Digger fought Curtis in the boy’s bathroom, and both of them were fighting.

This relates to grief, telling the truth, and friendship. Brady and Digger’s friendship was on a deadline. Digger told the truth and Brady got mad. Brady handled grief by different emotions.

Character vs Society:

-When Brady, J.T, and Digger had to face everyone in public, they were handling grief.

-When Brady was being left out by his friends, J.T and Digger.

- When J.T and Digger had to face the judge in court, they were worried how everyone would view them as.

This relates to grief and telling the truth because in grief, they were all feeling different emotions and J.T, Digger, and Brady all told the truth.

Character vs Nature:

-When Brady was rescuing Ben, it was pouring rain hard that time and it was also difficult to go with a boat in the water.

-When Brady was yelling at the river, he was blaming the river for Ben’s death.

-When Brady and his Dad were in the boat and it was pouring rain that time. They were getting the red kayak.

This relates to grief, and telling the truth because he was yelling at the river and he told his Dad everything when they were getting the kayak.

Character vs Self:

-Brady went to school and everyone called him a hero, but Brady didn't feel like a hero at all.

-He was blaming himself for not being there on time and earlier.

-He is also having difficulties with facing his friends when he finds out the truth.

This relates to handling grief because he was annoyed by the river and yelling at it.


7. Grief:

-When someone is dealing with a loss. At the beginning when Brady finds out that Ben died, he yelled at the river and was saying “You did not have to kill him.”

-He deals with depression when he was not coming out of his room.

-He wants to talk about his feelings with his Dad.

The book Red Kayak had lots of descriptive words about grief and especially in chapters where Brady struggles to tell the truth.


-A mutual relationship between two or more people. Brady is not friends with Digger and J.T. because they killed Ben.

-Brady was friends with J.T and Digger through all of their childhood.

-Brady and Mrs. DiAngelo were building up their friendship.

There was lots of friendship in the story. When Brady was working for Mrs. DiAngelo, babysitting Ben, crabbing with his Dad, walking his dog Tilly, Caring for Ben’s hamster, and making a butterfly garden for Mrs. DiAngelo.

Telling the truth: It means when a person tells the truth and does the right thing and when your telling the truth, it feels like you're different and you've never did before.

-When Brady told his Dad the whole truth and it felt different for Brady.

-When J.T told Brady the truth about the drills and J.T felt really nervous to say it.

-When Digger and J.T told the truth in court and they sort of mumbled saying yes.

There were parts in chapters where they were telling the truth and doing the right thing. Brady told the truth to his Dad, J.T told the truth to Brady, Digger told the truth to the master, and telling the truth to the public.


The Red Kayak is a boring, repetitive book. It was a very sad book and there was a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the chapters. There is lot of emotions when the main character, Brady, is dealing with grief and blaming himself for what happened. The first few chapters are exciting, but once it gets to climax action, it gets very boring. The book is a really good book for people who love intense, mystery, and lots of clues in a book. We rate it 4 out of 5 because it was getting intense. When it stopped to intense, it got boring for us but it was a really good fascinating book. Thank you Priscilla Cummings for writing Red Kayak.

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