Galapagos Island Tours - Choosing the Right Destination

Touring the Galapagos Islands is something many people dream of, but only few manage to pull off. Courtesy of highly refined Galapagos Island tours, however, it is easier than ever before for travelers from all over the world to set their sights on visiting this rare and majestic destination located nearly 600 miles west of Ecuador.

Choosing the right destination for Galapagos Island tours can be the trick for vacationers who happen to live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from the island grouping. Vacationers will find, however, getting to the Galapagos is now rather easy and when it comes to destinations, there’s simply no single one that should top a list. The best Galapagos islands tours deliver multiple sites for good reasons.

Travelers hoping to witness the splendor that so intrigued Charles Darwin during his voyage on the Beagle will find the best way to get there – or at least the fastest – is by air. A Galapagos Islands tour, for example, will typically begin with a flight to the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. From there, those hoping to embark on Galapagos Island tours can hop onboard a flight from the Quito airport directly to the Galapagos’ Baltra airport to meet up with their tour operators.

Vacationers will find some of the best Galapagos Island tours start at the airport, which is a fairly recent addition to Baltra. For those who wish to really see the pristine splendor of the Galapagos, boat tours are often the best choice. This is simply because the Galapagos are more than one island, so seeing the best parts of the national park and the biological marine reserve and other sights does require the ability to hop from island to island with ease.

The best Galapagos Islands tour operators will make sure guests get to see as much of this island grouping as possible. That means stops in such destinations as the highlands of Santa Cruz to see the Twin Craters, on Floreana to see the Baroness’ domain, on Puerto Ayora, Isabela and other nearby islands. The best tour operators really want to share all the highpoints that make this region so spectacular.

The best destination on a Galapagos Islands tour isn’t a single destination. Tourists who really want to take in the beauty of the islands will find tours that offer an opportunity to see numerous sites are the best simply because there is so much to see and do here. Only selecting one destination sells the experience short.

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