Welcome to Mesopotamia

Are you looking for a new place to live, well do I have the place for you. This place is called The land between the 2 rivers. ( aka Mesopotamia ) Mesopotamia is wonderful place to live we have lots of water and a stable food supply. If you would like to learn more about this so called place Mesopotamia keep reading and ill tell you where we're located, all the advanteges, and we'll even talk to some one who lives their to get there opinion on weather or not you should move to this wonderful place.


Now about the location of this place called Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is located between 2 rivers. Those 2 rivers are the Euphrates and Tigris. As i said before Mesopotamia is also called the land between the two rivers.(The land between the two rivers is Greek for Mesopotamia)Now if you are very confused on why Mesopotamia is called that read this paragraph again.

The map above shows a better picture of where Mesopotamia is located


Well number 1 you live right in between 2 really big rivers, so you will almost never run out of water. Did you ever think about animals. Animals like water right. They kind of need it just like us. Animals like fish or birds you can eat. Cows you can eat and use the skin for clothes and blankets. and horses you can use for transportation. Plants also need water so you can grow a lot of crops for food. All you have to do is plant your seeds get a bucket of water and then water your crops daily (that way they don't dye) and there you have it lots of plants that you can eat. YUMMY!


now to that interview that I was talking about

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Thank you for reading my tackk. I really hope you consider moving to Mesopotamia

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