Be bright, use Oxygen and Phosphorus to make a Light!

P is for Phosphorus!

Atomic Number- 15

Atomic Mass- 30.97

Neutrons- 15

Phosphorus is located on the right side of the periodic table group 15, period 3

All About Phosphorus

Phosphorus is essential for life!

Phosphorus will always be with you so you NEVER run out!  

When you mix Phosphorus with Oxygen you can get a light glow to use a a night light. You can also use it to make matches so you can always make a fire when you are cold. Phosphorus is also used in fertilizers. So you can use it to fertilize your garden!


Phosphorus is a nonmetal found in the nitrogen group and is essential for life. When it is in mineral form it is almost always in its oxidised state. Phosphorus is found in 2 colors,  red and white. Although, due to its high reactivity phosphorus is never found freely on the earth.

Common Uses!

Phosphorus is usally used as lights or fertilizers and sometimes it is used to make matches.


for biological need I have 2 stars because it is not that helpful but some forms of phosphorus come from the body

for social need I have 5 stars because it is very easy to trade and would be a equal trade

for functional need I have 4 stars because it is not as needed as oxygen but it will light up your night and it will keep you warm during cold times

Defensive need has two stars because the only way to use phosphorus in defense is to set them on fire and even though it will leave a burn, it wont hurt as badly as a knife and it can  not be used to hunt animals

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