7 Activities Successful People Do
On The Weekend

What did you do on the weekend?  The weekend is your time to relax.  However, studies show that successful people fill their weekend with activities provide them with the opportunity to network and recharge.  Consider some of these activities-it will give your Monday a whole next kick!

1. Brunch

Fun, relaxing, and the best place to gossip or even network.

2. Exercise

It is hard to find the time to workout during the week.  Use your extra time to boost your energy, relieve stress, and release endorphin during a nice long run.

3. Disconnect

Reading a book without your phone near you is extremely liberating. Free your mind by keeping your phone, email, social media device away from you in another room, and take a mental journey through the pages of a good book.

4. Catch Up with Friends

Call your grandmother, your cousin, your roommate from college.  Staying in contact with family and friends can be tough during a busy and stressful work week.  Keep in touch with the people who matter while you have time on your weekend.

5. Yoga

Yoga differentiates from every other exercise because it integrates meditation.  Allow your mind to wander away from work and stress to connect with your spirit.

6. Visit your Local Farmer's Market

Bright colors and new textures will be calming to your senses.  Grab healthy fruit and vegetables to jump start your nutritious and healthy eating habits for the week to follow.

7. Eat Frozen Yogurt

Indulge.  You deserve it.