The Lotus Eaters

The villains from classical greek myths like The Odyssey

Picture of the lotus eaters in the book

Who are the Lotus Eaters?

The Lotus Eaters are the makers and users of the Fruit of the Lotus. They use it to make people that come to their homes stay so they can get advantage of them. The reason why people stay when they eat the lotus fruit is because of its magical taste.

Where else are the Lotus Eaters shown?

One example of where they are shown is The Odyssey. When Odysseus and his crew arrive at the island where they live, Odysseus sends 3 people to explore the area. They all are forced to stay because of the effect of the lotus, Odysseus takes a look at the area himself and carries them back so they can sail away.

Another Example of the Lotus Eaters is in a casino in the movie "Percy Jackson". The people are in the casino owned by the Lotus Eaters and they eat a lotus and are forced to stay but...

Percy Jackson: Lotus Eaters Scene

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