The Air force Academy

Walker Wiggins

  • four years of English (with a college preparatory class in writing)
  • four years of math (strong background in geometry, algebra, trigonometry and pre-calculus)
  • four years of science (lab-based and should include biology, chemistry and physics)
  • three years of social studies (to include a course in U.S. History)
  • two years of a modern foreign language
  • one year of computer study
  • Students who score below 580 verbal and 560 math on the SAT and below 24 English and reading and 25 math and science reasoning on the ACT normally will not be accepted.
  • Students must be in the top  40% of their schools to even be considered although it is more common to be accepted if you are in the top 3%.
  • Enrollment deadline is December 31st.
  • Application is free
  • They can be contacted at
  • In state and out of state tuition along with any fees, living expenses, or books are paid for by the United States Air force.
  • Cadets follow a strict schedual that does not allow for even a part time job.
  • Campus touring is free can be done 9am to 5pm, self guided tours are the most common.
  • You can contact the Visitor Center at 719-333-2025 or e-mail

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