Different types of people with the same problem


The way that this quote from the journal relates to the book is that the demons stated in the journal are kind of like the demons inside of Ruth and the British are looked at as demons to the rebels. An example of this in Chains is “It’s the devil!” This is showing how madam is thinking that the devil is inside of Ruth while she is not having a seizure. Though the devil is not actually inside of her it is metaphoric just like the quote from the journal. Another quote is “The first blast made the women shriek. The second made me wonder if god himself was fixing to blow the island apart.” This quote shows how the devil (in a figurative way) is taking over the control of the day because the soldiers are fighting and chaos is breaking in the city. Both the primary source in the book and the book itself both talk about a devil in a metaphoric way to expand on an idea and make the writing better and more interesting. This picture relates to the Journal because it shows the struggle of the battle between America trying to beome free. This relates to Sal because she is struggling through the entire book to become free.  

This is Joseph Plumb Martin.