A tundra biome is like a mountaines cold place where goat,buffalo,and mountain lions live.


A taiga i

Temperate deciduous forest

A temperate deciduous forest is a forest a little drier than a taiga were deer,raccoons,and bugs live.

Scrub Forest

A scrub forest is a forest that doesn't get a lot of rain where deer,raccoons,bugs,and birds live.


A grassland is grassy area where buffalo,antelope,prairie dogs, and grasshoppers live.

A desert is a dry dead place where only cactus,a few bushes, and rattle snakes live.

Tropical rainforest

A tropical rainforest is a wet land where monkeys,Tigers,leopards,chimpanzees,and birds live.

Temperate rainforest

A temperate rainforest is almost the same as a tropical rainforest except a little less rain where monkeys,leopards,Tigers,and birds live.