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U.S Senator

You could be working in the U.S Capitol!

What you need to know to become a U.S Senator

Qualifications you must need:
30 years of age, citizen of the USA for 9 years, resident of the state in which you represent
Job Description ( Duties)Senators serve on committees, in which they review bills or proposed laws. There are 20 committees, 68 subcommittees and four joint committes. each of theses committees focus on different topics. Including budget, health, education, foreign relations, transportation, and homeland security. The senator also has the power to impeach the president.   
Salary and benefits/priviliges:
The salary of a u.s senator is $174,000.
Members of the house are eligible to participate in the Ferderal Employees Health Benefits Program, may select from several health benefit plans.

Length and number of terms for the U.S senate.
The senator is elected to a six year term. The terms of one third of the senators expire every two years.

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