Maximized Living: Makeover

Dr. Ben Lerner, Dr. Greg Loman & Dr. Charles Majors
Genre: Non-Fiction

About the authors

Dr. Ben Lerner is a maximized living mentor. He has made a few top selling books: 10:04: A Novel, Leaving The Atocha Station, Maximized Living Bible and Body by God. Dr. Greg Loman is a Maximized Living Chiropractor and he has made another book called One Minute Wellness. Dr. Charles Majors is a maximized living doctor and he has made another book called Cancer Killers.


This story can take place anywhere you want but most people do these things at home .


The main character is YOU,  you determine what you want to do in order to change your life.


The struggle that everyone has to go through is encouraging there selves to choose the right foods to eat.  A few of the things that you have to focus on while trying to become a better you is......

  • Attitude and Goals-  Without the right attitude you will want to give up. It make take some time to develop a new you but all you need is a motivation, great attitude and goals
  • Eating habits- Some days you may want something greasy or sugary but you have to fight that urge of hunger. That means you can spend time preparing meals or using the right proportion sizes
  • Routines-Waking up early to exercise or prepare healthy meals for the day.


There isn't a plot in this story but I can use the 5 things that make up a plot to represent the 5 essentials of maximized living. The exposition; the first essential is minimizing the use of drugs, other toxins, and surgery. Rising action; the second essential is maximizing nerve supply. Climax; the third essential is maximizing the quality of your nutrients. Falling action; the fourth essential is maximizing oxygen and lean muscle tissue. Conclusion; the last essential is maximizing peace and relationships.


The mood that I felt while reading this novel was ashamed and curious because I didn't know how many people were suffering and how many were actually healthy in the US.            Quote from the book>  "...will you just be breathing or will you be living life to the fullest?" "If your living, will you be a walking, talking pharmacy, and pincushion, spending your retirement on pills, shots, and hip-replacement surgery?"


The theme of this novel is to..... Live Life To The FULLEST


One of the interesting things in the book is a recipe plan, a list of recipes to do when you want to restore health, heal the body, detoxify the body, etc.

  1. Ex>>>Breakfast: Eggs and turkey bacon. Snack: Apple crisp. Lunch: Taco-mex salad. Snack: Red cabbage and guacamole. Dinner: Stir-fry vegetables with chicken. Snack: Raw cheese & nuts . *Taco-mex salad recipe below*


I would recommend this book to all the people who want a new refreshed life without the harsh workouts and pains.


Imagine yourself at the beach.... Relaxing in the sun and having a good times with your friends.  You want to go swimming and take off your shirt but you have a big belly (with no kind of packs seen) and everyone laughs at you because your all alone in the sand. Your trying to figure out the right plan in order for you to be really cute and in shape for next summer but you cant seem to find it. So your friend gives you this book called Maximized Living Makeover to change your life around. You really like all the information it offers and you try everything in the book. *Next Year* You did everything in the book with a good sense of determination, now your at the beach walking around with your shirt off getting all the girls/boys and you love your new shape. Everyone lives happily ever after with they new energized bodies......


Text to World- Many people have tried to lose weight with different diet plans



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2 years ago

Remember its never to late to make the right decisions. What will you be doing at age 60? :)