My big fat zombie goldfish

By Mo O'Hara

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfieh

I'm currently reading my big fat zombie goldfish. What's happening right now is the kids are trying to save the gold fish. They need something that won't kill the gold fish that is green. They have to distract the brother so one of them can sneak out of the house and get green food coloring.

This it a good book so far and I would recommend it because I like zombies and fish and it is funny.

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3 years ago

Hi, Z! I'm glad that you are enjoying the book and that you think it is funny. I'm really curious about a few of the details in your summary. What's wrong with the goldfish? Why do they have to have green food coloring and why do they think that will save the goldfish? What do you think of the characters in the book? Which ones do you like? Why? Which ones do you not like? Why? What do you think about the way the story is going?