Career Research Project

Electrical Engineering
Hunter DeSplinter

Necessary Job Skills:

  • Hand eye Coordination
  • Physically Fit
  • Good Balance/ Aware of Surroundings
  • Hands on Work

Education Requirements:

  • Gain Career Training as an Apprentice
  • Construction and Repair
  • National Contractors Electrical Association which allows apprentices to become journeymen
  • High School Diploma/ College depending on the employer

University Of Wisconsin Plattville

This college has apprenticeships and all the proper engineering classes needed to become an electrician. This school would provide me with all the necessities to continue my future in this field.


Live life in a flexible manner, work hard at it, love every minute of it. -Aaron DeSplinter This is important because I am one who takes life as it comes. I am a hard worker and don't get worked up very easily.

Role Model

My dad Aaron is my role model because he is a hard worker and always finds time for family, spends time with kids, and still has time for extra curricular activities like hunting and fishing. He is a very positive person and has raised his kids great and will always be my role model. He is a great husband and father. He has a stable job for the last twenty years and never complains about it. This is why he is and will always be my role model.

Quotation Sandwich

Electrician, sounds exhilarating huh? Well yes it is a job that deals with a lot of electricity from a lot of different places. Better be careful or it will get ya with a lot of power that could potentially kill you. An electrician is very important to today's society and will continue to be for the future. The author explains how the job of an electrician never gets old and you are never in the same place all the time,"The job is never stagnant. There are always new technological developments to keep up on, and I don't report to the same place day after day "(Parks 1). The job of an electrician will never get old. There is electrical machines everywhere and a lot of electricity. Electricians should always be busy in today's society because almost everyone has an electronic device. Houses especially need improvements too, so once again an electrician is always needed.

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