Orson Scott Card

Born August 24 1951                                                        By Jake Livingston

     He was born and lived the first years of his life in Orem Utah. His model as a kid was Shakespeare. And he later got married to his wife Kristine Allen in may 1971. And had five children,Erin,Emily,Charles,Zina and Micheal. And got his masters degree at the University of Utah.

He also has written many books Including the very popular series of Ender which has made millions. They even made a movie about the book Enders Game. He also has won many awards such as the award for best novel.  He also had to persevere through times of his son dying and people calling his writing disgusting. He has written 51 books in including the books The Abyss which was also made into a movie. And has written books for about 30 years. He also mostly writes science fiction.Making him a great author.

¨The best thing about my job though, is stopping at the end of the day and rejoining the human universe.¨  -Orson Scott Card

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Orson Scott Card by Edward Willett


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