Investment Fund MMCIS Investments

Invest and multiply your capital with us!

Are you interested in where to invest your money profitably?

How to minimize the risks and gain profit higher than the bank interest rates?

Looking for freedom and confidence in the future?

Then «MMCIS investments» - is the investment fund you really need.

  • Our Fund’s annual profitability was 55.44% in 2012.
  • You will benefit not from a separate project or stake (as it’s done by the majority of other funds), but from the total Fund’s profit! It guarantees you yield not depending on a separate project’s success.
  • All our clients have access to monthly reports of the Fund’s financial condition
  • The interest is added and paid monthly.
  • All funds are in one of the world’s most reliable bank’s accounts.
  • All our assets are insured.
  • Reliable partners provide us with the fastest analytics and projects risk estimation.
  • Our activity does not depend on political changes and is conducted under world standards.
  • Your investments are absolutely anonymous! Your data can only be revealed by a St.Vincent & the Grenadines Court decision.
  • Minimal deposit in our Fund is only 2,500 dollars.
  • Minimal deposit term is 3 months.
  • Our commission for the Client’s income is one of the lowest – only 15%.
  • We are a team of professionals; everyday we analyze world economic trends and study new directions of investing available.
  • Our assets are growing rapidly. In 2007, the assets growth was 67%. In 2008, our assets added another 82%, and even during the crisis of 2009 due to investing into internet-business, our assets increased by 48.51%. In 2010, the assets growth was 41.18%, In 2011 - 48,41% and in 2012 the Fund’s assets grew by 50.19%.
  • For January 1, 2013 the total value of the Fund’s assets was 1 691 227 796 US dollars.

About MMCIS Investments

Initially, «MMCIS investments» Company was founded in the end of 2004 as a private close-ended investment fund.

Summing up the work of 2006, the Company founders decided to clear Fund’s opportunities to everyone, because they understood that the professional team and conceptions of investing enabled the Fund to manage any amount of money.

Today, «MMCIS investments» has a reputation of a stable and reliable partner, and is an active participant of innovative investing tendencies in the countries throughout the world.

Company President is Jeremy Brown.

We always try to do our best to give the service of top-quality to our clients, because their interests are our number one priority! We develop and prosper thanks to our patrons! And it is our greatest reward when people bring their friends to us! It is a real indicator, as no one would bear ill will to one’s friends!

Stable team: a great majority of our key professionals have been working in the Company since its foundation.

Company’s mission: giving people an opportunity to unite their resources for investing projects with high budgets, guaranteed profitability, and minimal risks.

Independence: the majority of investment funds are a part of larger financial groups. “MMCIS investments” does not belong to any of such groups, which completely eliminates the risk of pressure from the outside.

In-house analytics: «MMCIS investments» has its own top-level professionals, which enables it to maximize the quality and minimize the time of the analytics.

For eight years of work we have taken part in many projects, a great majority of which being successful.



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