Important Major Physio-Graphic Features

By Jocelyn Fafard

The Nile River is a major feature that impacted Egypt in many ways. It helped and helps make the ground surrounding it fertile for crops so the Egyptians could and can live off of the things they grow. It also helped and helps them as a type of transportation to different areas, especially in the north because the Nile river is the only river in the world to flow from south to north, not north to south.

The Nile Delta was also important. It is a rich agricultural region and gave the Ancient Egyptians fertile land, and a source for finding food and clay. Trading markets were also in the Nile Delta.

The Libyan Desert and Arabian Desert were 2 deserts that played important roles. They are humongous and they protected Ancient Egypt from attackers and foreigners but that didn't stop them from coming.

The Red Sea was an important feature. It affected Ancient Egypt by being a method of transportation to go to Africa to get spices and other supplies.

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